Final SCOOP projects, Cliffs of Moher, and the Irish BEACH!

I have about a week and a half left of my internship at SCOOP and in Dublin. The summer has flown by, and I’m so sad it’s already over! I’m finalizing my work on the Development Education Program. There are essentially 3 phases to the program–one for each trimester of the school year. We have solidified the lesson plans for the first part and are now working on creating the base for the other two phases. After the first section of overall education about Cambodia, SCOOP, etc, the next phase will be to have the kids create their own nonprofits. It will be a mock activity to teach them the basics about business as well as fundraising and other important aspects to an organization. The final phase, if everything goes as planned, is to connect the Irish students directly with the Cambodian students through a pen pal system. Luke, one of the educational officers on the ground in Cambodia, is most excited about this part. We would probably start off with letters, but if technology is available we hope that Skype sessions may be added eventually. We are aiming to pitch this curriculum to schools by December of 2013 in the hopes that it can be implemented at the start of the 2014-2015 school year in September. I will likely continue to help out on this project via Googledocs, email, etc. this fall when I’m back in Claremont.

I’m also now working on creating a ‘welcome pack’ for SCOOP, which is basically a packet that can be handed out to companies and other organizations/people interested in donating to SCOOP. It will basically lay out SCOOP’s mission and values, its projects in both Cambodia and India, as well as information about why SCOOP stands out among other similar charities. Donation forms, the most current newsletter, a letter from our CEO Andy, and detailed information of where the donated money goes will also be included. I’m not here long enough to see the physical production of the pack, but I am laying the groundwork and getting all the design details in order before I leave.

This past weekend I jumped on my friends’ program’s day trip to the Cliffs of Moher and around other places in Ireland. It was amazing! We stopped in Limerick, Galway, Kinvara, and several other small cute towns out in the countryside. The Cliffs of Moher were absolutely amazing. It’s definitely my favorite place I’ve been so far in Ireland!


The weather has continued to be 75 and beautiful (still can’t believe it!), so the views were breathtaking from the top of cliffs. We got dropped off on one side and took a trail up one side of the Cliffs, stopped at the top for a brief break, and went down the other side to end at the visitor’s center, taking pictures all along the way. My friend Chloe and I bought some cheesy tourist shirts to cool off as we were dying of heat in the sweaters we were wearing (who said Ireland was cold?!) Image

On Sunday, we went to the beach in Howth, just about a 20 min DART (train) ride away from Dublin city centre. It was a cute fishing town, very similar to Monterey. It was so great to see the ocean and sand, even if it wasn’t exactly the warmest. The beach we went to was ironically called “Claremont Beach”–such a weird coincidence!


My brother and his girlfriend took a Euro trip, and ended in Dublin to visit me last Thursday-Saturday. We had such a great time, and it was fun to show them around to all of my favorite local Dublin spots!

Next weekend we’re planning on taking a day trip to Northern Ireland to go to Belfast, which should be a lot of fun! Until then, just wrapping up all of my big projects at work and enjoying our last 2 weeks in Dublin together.


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