It has been a busy week at SCOOP! We are hosting an art auction the first week of July, with a preview launch party happening next week. I have been working all the social media outlets to invite as many people as possible and get the word out about the event. I have now become a pro at Mailchimp (an online email marketing tool that allows you to send ‘campaigns’ to lists of recipients and subsequently track who opened the email, etc.), Hootsuite (a website that allows you to schedule posts to be posted to all social media outlets ahead of time), WordPress (managing the SCOOP’s website), Google forms (creating bidding forms for the auction), and of course the usual Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter.

I’ve become quite tech-savvy here in Dublin and have a new respect for small, growing non-profits. Planning the event–getting the pieces from the artists, donations from the venue where the event is being held, as well as wine and food donations–is hard enough. Now actually getting people out to the event, particularly people who are able to afford these beautiful art pieces, is the real challenge. Ireland is currently in an economic recession, so we have been focusing on targeting large companies, the artists’ individual networks, and any personal connections people at SCOOP may have. I have also compiled a list of all relevant media contacts (art, music, literature writers) at the biggest newspapers, magazines, etc. in the hopes they will mention the auction in one of their articles.

We have had a huge spike is views of the website in the past few days, particularly after we sent the artists a promotional package to send off to their friends, family, and potential buyers. This is great news, and we are hopeful that it will be a grand success! Meanwhile I’ll be stalking the Mailchimp reports and following up with those who have opened up and read the invites.

You can go to www.scoopart.org to see all the artists featured and learn about the event!

Here are two of my favorite pieces featured in the sale:

Image Image


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