Sunny Days

Since I arrived in Dublin, it has been 70 degrees and sunny every day–an absolutely unheard of weather pattern. Everyone is in the best mood and is spending all of their free time outdoors. The cricket pitch on Trinity’s campus (similar to CMC’s Green Beach) has been packed with people every afternoon, even more so when there is a game going on. My boss said the last time Dublin had a “hot summer” he actually quit his job to soak up the beautiful weather 24/7. It is exams week for most schools here, and everyone has been joking that as soon as exams week is over the weather is going to go back to rainy and cold, just to spite the students.

I spent most of today in St. Stephen’s Green park, which was full of families having picnics, groups of friends having lunch, individuals reading, and people literally sun bathing–in full bathing suits. All the Irish walking around have a slightly red tint to their skin after being outside the past week. My friend Katherine, who just graduated from Trinity and who I am doing a project with at work, also works at the oldest pub in Dublin, naturally making it a tourist hotspot. She said all the Americans were making fun of her for being sunburned–she was not amused.



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